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As I type this, I wonder if WordPress is one of the dozens of online services that gives the United States Government full access to its clients through the Prism project. Well, regardless…

I got out of the habit of blogging to finish my last epub, ‘The Dark Djinn.’ It took a lot of focus and effort, since I did it while working two jobs and being a family man. However, it was pubbed on May 15th via Amazon.com, for Kindle readers. I always had a good feeling from Amazon. I’m glad to read that they are not participating in the NSA’s Prism project. Though, they may be lying about that.

I’m not sure what’s more disconcerting regarding the recent Big Brother revelations: The truth, or the lack of people upset about it. One thing is for sure: Edward Snowden is a hero. He’s one of at least a hundred thousand people who gave up cush-ass, guaranteed government job because he didn’t feel there was any payoff worth selling out his morals. Our worthless representatives like Feinstein and Boehner have recently called him a traitor. They are the traitors.

How are we going to react to the current scandal that shows no sign of retreating. The fact that all of our electronic communications are monitored and stored for use against us. Oh, jumping the gun, are we? Well, didn’t it seem odd that when the current administration needed to wash its hands of Petreaus, that they just happened to have come across a few emails on his Gmail account that showed he was having an affair? They never explained exactly how they found that out…But, yes, just as the Stasi in the good ‘ol DDR used constant surveillance to keep its citizens in line, this country, too, is doing – and will do – the same thing. Why? There is absolutely no reason not to, and nothing but incentive to do so. So, they will do it. If they can get away with it. Oh, but isn’t this ‘Murica? No, it’s not. The greatest threat to the thing that calls itself ‘Murica today is its own citizens.

So, what should ‘Muricans, those poor, deluded fools who still believe that their gubmint, if not their country, stands for freedom, do? There’s no place to run. There’s no place to hide. There’s an entire doomer prep industry out there, designed to make every individual ‘Murican feel like he can protect his family from the gubmint intruders, starving looters, zombie plague, etc. But the doomers who think every home is a fortress are idiots. Their preps just allay their fears. Without a community, without a social network (in real life, not Facebook), people have no resistance whatsoever against a common enemy. The only answer is that ‘Muricans must band together in communities. If they can’t turn off the TV, get to know their neighbors, start relying on the integrity of their neighborhoods, then they are all individuals waiting to be dispatched at will by the state. The state won’t even have to send a squad of black helicopters to their house with fast-roping thugs landing on their garden. The state will just call up their enemy’s employer, and say that he visits child pornography websites. Or racist websites. It doesn’t matter if those things aren’t true – if the state has backdoor access to his online ID, they can simply make it look like he did. Then that enemy of the state loses his job, and job prospects. So he loses his house. And his preps. And his guns and ammo. Maybe his family and friends, as well. Meanwhile, his neighbors, who only know him by sight – when he’s mowing his lawn – don’t even know anything happened.

But, if he was part of a community that had employers, who stuck by their own instead of what the state said, who had means of helping their fellow community members out through good times and bad, then, a man doesn’t need the state’s approval to survive. The state has to use harder tactics to get him – and others – to cooperate.

This is why traditionalists have to fight the state’s dictatorial powers, such as the surveillance scandals, while also taking flight – to their own communities. America today is little more than a prison system of 330 individual inmates, all dependent on the system to survive. It’s time for that to change. And it will change. Not with shots fired, as in some doomer’s stupid fantasy, but with fences opened between neighbors, and cohesive communities forming as a bulwark against the uber-bullies.


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